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Hunter Pence of San Francisco Giants

Update from San Francisco 4

Hamlin Mansion in San Francisco We had a successful fundraising event at Hamlin Mansion in San Francisco last night. Thanks to JT Snow, so many people came to the event, including Hunter Pence from SF Giants, Robin Lopez from Portland Trail Blazer, and Miss California Crystal Lee. I was really impressed by the speech of Adam Zwan who is a patient with Wolfram syndrome. Stephanie Snow Gebel and I also made speeches and tried to raise awareness of Wolfram syndrome. The event was a big success! Thank you all for coming to the event.

J.T. Snow Leads Fight Against Genetic Disorder

This morning, Stephanie, JT, David, Steve, and I met with a few potential collaborators and discussed our strategies for developing treatments for Wolfram syndrome. Those were stimulating discussions. I will keep on doing my best to make a difference.

I want you to watch this video.
Snow Foundation 2014 “We Need Your Help”