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Dr. Fumihiko Urano and Raquel Gebel

Power Team for Wolfram Syndrome

I have been working with my colleagues at Washington University Medical Center and other medical Centers in the US, and Dr. Tim Barrett at University Birmingham Medical Center in the UK and his team in Europe.

Importantly, my team has been working with patient organization in the US and Europe. As most of you know, the Snow Foundation has been supporting my research to develop treatments for Wolfram Syndrome. It seems like that we are hitting the tipping point. We were on the TV in the past few months, and now we are on the cover of the local magazine. My friends, please help us spread the word and share the following websites for us. We need 5-7 million dollars to conduct the first clinical trial in the US, Europe, and Asia. Every time you share the web, we get one step closer to the clinical trial. Please help us. A Cure for Wolfram may lead to a Cure for Diabetes. We are racing against time.



Thank you again. I am thinking of you.

Take care,

Fumi Urano

Photo by Sarah Conrad