December 2014

Glucose levels

Based on the data we have, we believe that Wolfram syndrome is caused by endoplasmic reticulum dysfunction. Our data also suggest that chronic high glucose... Read More

44 Drugs?

In 2014, FDA has approved 44 new drugs for treating rare diseases. This is incredible. More than 40% of newly approved drugs are indicated for... Read More


I am very interested in the new technology, ORGANS-ON-CHIPS. This is a tissue culture system and synthesizes minimal functional units that recapitulate organ-level functions. In short, WE... Read More


Our current focus is to bring our potential drugs to our patients. We are interested in drugs that can help patients “regain homeostasis.” In other words,... Read More

Personalized Therapy

One my plans is to develop personalized therapeutics for Wolfram syndrome patients based on gene-based diagnostics. Patients with rare conditions are usually treated based on the... Read More