October 2014

Drug Repurposing

One of our current options for the development of new therapeutics for Wolfram syndrome is “drug repurposing.” What is “drug repurposing”? Drug repurposing is the... Read More

Q & A

I receive many questions related to Wolfram syndrome and other medical conditions. Here are some of them. Please feel free to contact me if you... Read More

Raise Awareness Today

The Jack and JT Snow Research Foundation has been helping us raise awareness and develop therapeutics for Wolfram syndrome. Recently, the Snow Foundation created a... Read More

Upstream and Downstream

My mentor, Dr. Aldo Rossini, often told me about “upstream” and “downstream” in medicine. “Upstream” means our efforts on developing new treatment for our patients.... Read More

Raise Awareness

Many people help us raise awareness of Wolfram syndrome. If you know Type-1-diabetes patients who have other unusual symptoms such as optic nerve atrophy, please... Read More